Why do females deserve to be afraid to walk down a street alone?

Why do females have to be burdened with the stress of other’s actions?

Why must females choose their clothes carefully, making sure that they aren’t “asking for it”?

Why is it necessary for little girls to know to stay by their family for risk of kidnapping?

Why must mothers have to educate female children about not letting others touch them?

Why are females so criticized?

Why are females obligated to live in fear?

Everyday, countless females are sold into trafficking. Along with that, even more females are sexually assaulted. And nearly every day, every female is sexualized or objectified. We learn from such a young age that we must dress modestly to fit into society, to not tempt man’s eyes. And even more than that, so many females have spent countless moments in fear around men. It’s not fair that females must be extra cautious when walking alone. It’s not fair that we so commonly are objectified in our everyday lives. It’s not fair that we are people but, we are treating like we are here for a man’s enjoyment.

Why do males feel entitled to our bodies?

Why do they think it is okay to make us uncomfortable?

Why does society justify the male’s actions by stating, “Boys will be boys”?

Why does our culture reward human trafficking?

Why must men admire our beauty in ways that are sexualizing us?

Why don’t we teach boys not to touch girls rather than teaching girls not to let boys touch them?

Why is everything so much more correct when a male does it than a female does?

Males get trafficked too. Males get raped too. Males feel the same struggle of being oversexualized and objectified. But females must base their whole lives on males. Which way home are they going to walk to avoid the males that sit in the park and catcall her while trying to grope her as she walks by. What is she going to wear that she won’t look too “tempting” for the boys. Will she need to pack pepper spray so she has a backup plan if nothing works out and she cannot find anyone to help her. How many different people she must ask before she even thinks about letting a significant other into her life out of fear that he may turn on her. That maybe she will come home and want a hug from her long day at work and he will push her too far. That one day she will be laid off and her boyfriend that does not have a legal job himself sets her up with someone that will pay their bills in exchange for an hour of her body, with her boyfriend saying things like, “We need this.” Or “If you really loved me, you would do it.” How long does she have to worry about being so wrapped up in something that she doesn’t want to be a part of before she realizes that her boyfriend doesn’t really love her.

Why are our boundaries always less set in stone than a male’s boundaries?

Why are these things that the female’s population must worry about?

Why is this considered fine by our society?

We are standing here, fighting a battle. We are standing here until our throats are sore and our lungs are on fire from crying so loud. We are screaming and no one is listening. It is not enough to look to leaders to make a change. It is not enough to wait for that change to happen. We must demand it. Rather than stand, run. Rather than cry, fight. And rather than wait, do something.