Tantra originated from India between 300 and 400 CE and reached high public practice during the 11th and 12th centuries. The practice of tantra encourages sensual connection through physical liberation. Tantra is commonly split into two types: white Tantra and red Tantra. White tantra is practiced by those who work with their own internal sexual energy and red tantra is practiced by those who work with their partners with direct sexual contact. Although it focuses on sexual energy, tantra is centered around intimacy and re-establishing sexual connection within and amongst people.

Tantra’s main focus is to establish discipline in embracing one’s emotions with acceptance which in turn allows people to feel and embrace others’ needs. It is the practice of awakening through embodiment. People who have experienced trauma may still have trauma stored in their body which may prevent them from experiencing pleasure and full connection within themselves and with others. Often to regain or relearn intimacy and what it is truly about, people must practice it regularly and not only when their relationships are suffering.

Tantra also focuses on feminine and masculine energies that are within each person. The feminine energies focus on embracing love, colors, and fulfilling experiences. The masculine energies focus on implementing action and motion in life. It is important to have both energies strongly present in order to develop a balance of polarities within practice. 

Ways that tantra can be implemented in relationships within yourself and personal relationships are creative and unique. It is important to know the purpose of your relationships in order to know how to further navigate them and what love languages are of value. It is important to identify your own sexual energy in order to know how to care for it and express it. Tantra works most profoundly with relaxed, open minds which can be fulfilled with breathwork and mindfulness. Partners use eye contact to establish and build intimacy as it leaves them in a safe and vulnerable state of mind. Partners can also feel their own and each other’s chests to feel their heartbeats with care and affection. Mentioning love languages again, it is important to know your own and your partner’s love languages in order to fulfill them and it is also encouraged to bring spontaneity in the relationship to refresh intimacy and have fun trying new things. These can all be practiced in a sacred space where you or you and your partner retreat to without distractions in order to allow for a full connection.

Sexual healing is possible for all. It allows for restraints to be lifted and reclamation to be achieved. Beyond Freedom encourages sexual healing and health for all and provides resources to obtain this. Check out our website for more information and contact us so we may support your sexual healing journey.