Since June 2017 some members of the USA NAVY Fifth Fleet including the command was pimping female prostitutes while they were stationed in Bahrain.

What started as paying prostitutes for sex lead to sex trafficking after an exchange with one of the men and a woman he knew through WhatsApp. The pair discussed trafficking women with the help of another man, named LittleJohn. They would take away their passports, house them in LittleJohn´s apartment, and put them to work as prostitutes. After the woman of the pair got the money without delivering the promised girls both parts began to threaten to go to the authorities which eventually happened and lead to unearthing an even bigger scandal. Paying women for sex and trafficking them is not a rare happening inside the NAVY as claimed by the Military Times that run a 4 part series about the scandal. Since the NAVY refuses to give access to all their files, the actual number of perpetrators and victims is unknown.

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