The State Department recently released a report about human trafficking. In the report, the top three countries in which women and men fall victim to sex trafficking are the USA, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Why, in such a country like the United States, is sex trafficking such a big problem? It´s simple: The demand is there and the supply is too.

When you look at the world, statistics show that the USA is the number one consumer of sex. The society is the problem and unless society does not change, sex trafficking will always be a business.

People often assume that the majority of victims are foreigners. The reality is different. About 60 % of the victims are underage Americans. Most of those children live in foster care, are homeless or immigrant children. A lot of them have a history of abuse. This makes them vulnerable and easy prey for sex traffickers. About 85% of victims of sex trafficking were born in the USA.

The US Department of Health and Human Services published a report, stating that over 300,000 young Americans are considered at risk. It also states that about 200 000 sex crimes occur in the US alone each year.

The average victim is as young as three years old when their history of abuse begins.

The demand in the United States is so high that American men travel around the world to purchase sex with children.

So much for the bad news.

The report also highlighted that more and more organizations exist to fight these crimes and help victims. Still, there is a lack of services for boys, men and LGBTI people.