About two months back President Trump declared his government would use “every resource we have to confront” the threat of human trafficking and support victims and survivors. Quite the opposite happened though.

In the past victims of trafficking, who were not born in the USA, could apply for a humanitarian visa and were allowed to stay in the country, often the visa got extended to their spouses and children.

Since President Trump is in office the approval rate for those visas was cut in half and the waiting times for a visa increased. The government is not just denying visa, it is also informing applicants that they are facing deportation.

President Trump is not doing everything to support victims, instead his government is assuring the survivors of such trauma face a more and more hostile environment and being treated as second class citizens.

There is also not much done to fight the threat of human trafficking, instead the number of cases that got opened by the Justice Department against traffickers is decreasing.

What Trump does believe though, is that his infamous wall will stop the stream of human traffickers into the country. This will not be the case, since most victims enter the USA legally before being trafficked – most of them sex- trafficked without much hope for turning from victim to survivor.