The USA is not the only country struggling to end human trafficking. Although Germany got praised for the efforts the country is putting into dealing with sex trafficking, it is also far behind when it comes to solving the issue.

One problem is that the different areas ín Germany don´t work together. There is no common plan for how to deal with trafficking victims.

Another problem is the lack of training of officials. Police and other public agencies don´t receive proper training on how to work with victims and how to keep the survivors safe.

The council’s Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) said that Germany needs a more coordinated structure to identify victims.

The country is also lacking a system that allows the victims to approach officials and get help. The victims are still treated as criminals and have to fear consequences because their behavior is criminalized. Victims of sex trafficking don´t get the shelter and protection they desperately need and are therefore vulnerable to getting targeted again.

For a country with high social standards, Germany is sadly far behind when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable people: women and children who get trafficked and victimized.