Jeffrey Epstein: Life, Crimes, Mystery

I. Introduction

I have spent the past weeks digging into the life and crimes of Jeffrey Epstein. The mystery is deep, the rumors are plenty and the crimes are horrid.

The series will be divided into different parts and for know, I cannot say how many parts it will contain. You will read about his youth, about his shady business, will begin to wonder where his wealth came from. I will break down his crimes, talk about his victims and about how he escaped a conviction for his crimes more than once. By the end of the series, not all questions will be answered – it may be years until all the whole truth comes out and maybe it never will.

In addition, I will talk about the people who were friends with Epstein, who protected him and who took part in violating young women and girls.

There will also be a psychological profile of Epstein which labels him as a psychopath.

My hope is that you will follow the series and leave comments. I will try to answer all of your questions. If you have additional information please leave it in the comments as well. And in case you have something private to share you can contact me through BeyondFreedom.

Part One: February 11