Ghislaine Maxwell was not only the lover of Epstein, but she was also something entirely else: the woman who helped him to get access to young girls, who helped him to groom them into obedience and who molested, sexually assaulted and threatened them if they tried to fight back.

Jeffrey Epstein might be dead but Maxwell can still be brought to justice.

To understand how Jeffrey Epstein could groom all these girls into pleasing him and other older and wealthy men, and how he made them hire other girls, we need to go way back to the 1990s when he and Ghislaine Maxwell met for the first time.

Ghislaine Maxwell is the youngest child of nine. Her father was Robert Maxwell, the owner of the publishing house “Pergamon Press.”

Ghislaine had a rather difficult childhood, with an older brother in a coma who died when she was only a little girl. She was suffering from anorexia even as a toddler. She had a difficult relationship with food even as an adult. It´s rumored that she did not eat in order to stay skinny, saying that being skinny was important for social status.

In her early 20s, she became a well-known social person. She founded a women´s club, was the director of a football club her father owned and worked for his publishing company. Ghislaine and her father have been closed. He named a yacht after her and even established business for her in New York. The business was not profitable.

After her father died, she moved to the United States. The death was ruled an accident but Maxwell never stopped believing that her father had been murdered.

Soon after she moved to New York she met Epstein. They became a couple but eventually, the romantic relationship ended. They stayed close until his death last year. How close? That is the question. They never officially declared the status of their relationship. Evident is that Maxwell had a central role in Epstein´s life. She was in charge of his staff. She hired them, fired them and ruled them. The staff knew her as his assistant. Epstein referred to her either as best friend or “main girlfriend”.

Maxwell, as a British high society woman, opened many doors for Epstein. It´s possible that she introduced him to many of the men he later was associated with: Trump and Clinton among them. It is most likely that she introduced him to Prince Andrew.

After Epstein´s first prison sentence (more on that later) he and Maxwell avoided being seen together in public.

Between 2015 until most recently Maxwell was accused by several women of sexual assault, rape, and sex trafficking.  The allegations go back as far as the early 1990s and the women who press charges have been teenagers back then. At least one of them was not older than 13.

One victim of Epstein and Maxwell gave a detailed account of what had happened to her. She told journalists how she was lured into one of Epstein´s homes where she got then molested and attacked by them. They tried to undress and rape her but the young woman managed to get away and return to her own room. She was not able to leave though due to the ranch being in a remote area. She was not allowed to leave the ground but somehow got to contact her father who then got her out of the house. The young woman is Maria Farmer and we will learn more about here in a later article.

Farmer went to the police but not only to tell her story but also to speak about all she had seen in Epstein´s New York home: The girls coming and going. Sometimes eight girls a day. All of them underage. 

Epstein hears about the allegations and it´s Maxwell who calls Maria and her family and threatens them until the young woman gives up. But not forever. She is one of the brave women coming forward and telling their stories, exposing Epstein and Maxwell as the people they have been: Predators who destroyed the lives of young and innocent girls.

Since 2016 Maxwell avoided lawsuits – by disappearing. Her lawyer claimed in 2017 that he has no address to contact her. There have been rumors about her whereabouts but the lawyers of the victims could not deliver the lawsuit papers against her.

Lawyers and a judge have therefore taken a very unusual step toward justice. Usually, a lawsuit has to be served personally. In Maxwell´s case, this is impossible and so the judge ruled that she can be served via e-mail. If she does not respond by March 6 a default judgment will be placed against her.

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