The story of Jeffrey Epstein´s life is just as mysterious as the story of his death. Not much is known and facts and rumors blend together to a net that is not easy to entangle. In this series, I do my best to shine a light on Jeffrey Epstein and his crimes.

Personally, I do believe that we need to talk more about his victims and don´t give the predator that much attention. In this case, I think the more we talk about Epstein, his crimes, lies, and frauds, the more we pull him into the spotlight the faster the truth might come out.

Men like Jeffrey Epstein get away because they are well connected, influential and rich. They get away because men believe men and victims of sexual abuse, sexual violence, and sex trafficking are looked down on, frowned at. As if being a victim is their fault – it is not. There is no reason – never – for being the victim of a sexual predator. The fault is the predator´s alone. The crime is theirs and at best the world would put them on trial without allowing them to buy their freedom.

My wish is to lay open how society gives people like Jeffrey Epstein the power to abuse young girls, take away their innocence, and how society gives them the tools to escape justice.

If you read the articles and have anything to add, please contact either Beyond Freedom or me directly: [email protected] If you believe I made a mistake and want to put any information right, let me know. It will be years, maybe longer, until the best-kept secrets will get out. There will be things we might never know. I try to piece together the things we know and make clear when we step into the area of rumors.

My goal is telling the truth.

The Rise to Financial Power

Jeffrey Epstein was born into a middle-class family, in 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised in the gated community of Sea Gate, which is located on the western end of Coney Island. The family that consisted of Epstein´s parents and a younger brother, was well-liked in the community. Epstein was too. Neighbors said he was kind and bright. Classmates remember him as a kid who seemed to enjoy a happy childhood. 16. He earned his pocket money by tutoring classmates. When it came to mathematics he was a genius, this would serve him later in life. He skipped two classes and graduated with only 16.

With 18 he enrolled at New York University to study mathematical physiology. He never graduated but dropped out less than two years later, as he had done with the previous university he attended. Somehow without having any qualifications, he charmed his way into the Dalton School on the Upper East Side – a prestigious private school for the rich and famous. He became a math teacher but he did not stay long. He broke several school rules, such as dress codes and the rules for the relationship between teacher and student. He attended student parties where he flirted with girls. It is said, though not proven, that he had an intimate relationship with one of his students. Eventually, the school could not overlook his behavior much longer and asked him to leave.

Jeffrey Epstein´s life was a constant string of events, which were part well planned and part chance encounters. He always put himself in positions where he had access to the two things he wanted the most: people with money and young girls.

When leaving the prestigious school he already had managed to get a contact that would shape his career further. One of his student´s fathers, Alan Greenberg, CEO of Bear Sterns was impressed by Epstein´s math skills and talent for numbers and hired him. He started as an assistant but soon climbed up the ladder until he was advising the rich clients of Bear Sterns. The position again was not his for long. Allegations were proposed against him: Epstein was arranging insider trades.

In 1981 Epstein established his own consulting firm. He also began telling friends that he was working as an intelligent agent. This was neither proven not entirely dismissed, and I will come back to it in one of the upcoming articles.

In the late 1980s, Steven Hoffenberg enters Epstein´s life. Hoffenberg was running the company Towers Financial and hired Epstein whom he saw as brilliant. Epstein also had a wide-spreading network of wealthy clients and influential friends and helped Hoffenberg to raise money on Wall Street. Together they approached the most vulnerable of people and talked them into giving away their life savings. They lost the money of the investors. Altogether stealing more than 460 million Dollars.

The Ponzi scheme was investigated and Hoffenberg got arrested. He pleaded guilty to all the charges, among them tax invasion and mail fraud, and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Epstein was never charged although Hoffenberg told the prosecution about his involvement.

It was the first time Epstein evaded prison but it would not be his last.

Epstein made most of his money with his own company – but how exactly he got so wealthy is still unknown.

Let´s take a look into the rumors and try to separate them from the facts:

  1. Money management business

Epstein took care of the financial causes of wealthy clients and he established a 1 billion entry free. If a client was not worth 1 billion he would not take him. But so far no list of clients was discovered. There is only one we know by name: Les Wexner, the founder of Victoria Secret. As far as it´s known Epstein did not only manage his wealth, he also soon became a part of his inner circle and in contact with the high society. Eventually, he was in charge of Wexner´s life. He got further granted the right to act on his behalf. Les Wexner stated that he has cut his business ties with Epstein over a decade ago.

  • BlackMail

Epstein knew a lot of powerful people – men who enjoyed not only his company but more so the company of the young girls he surrounded himself with. Men who have a lot to lose. When in July 2019 the law enforcement searched Epstein´s Upper East Side mansion they discovered tapes with handwritten labels, which stated “Young [Name] + [Name]” We also know that Epstein had cameras everywhere in his mansion. So it is not unlikely that he recorded the sexual encounters of those men and the girls and then used the tapes to blackmail them and grow his wealth.

  • Money Laundering

This is completely up to speculation. Some rumors claim that he invested his wealth offshore and evaded to pay taxes. Others state he helped foreign dictators to laundry their money.

  • Intelligence Agent

This rumor possibly started with Alexander Acosta, the current Labor secretary who is the reason why Epstein got off with just an 18 months sentence in 2007. I will go into this later, I promise. Back then Acosta was US attorney. When asked about his involvement in the Epstein case, he said, “I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone.”

No matter how Epstein managed to become a billionaire, one thing is for certain: He used his money to get deals that allowed him to run a worldwide sex trafficking ring, to buy his freedom, and force victims into silence, and he was surrounded by people who helped him to avoid being brought to justice for decades.

Stay tuned for Part Two: February 18.