Art by Maria Farmer, All Rights Maria Farmer

When Maria Farmer was a young artist and had recently moved to New York, she met Jeffrey Epstein in a gallery. She had an exhibition with some of her paintings. He was thrilled by one of her art pieces. It shows a woman on a sofa who is watched by a man. The painting is supposedly inspired by a famous art piece called “Interior”. You can easily find it online.

Miss Farmer was 25 and Epstein offered her a job. He wanted her to buy art in his name. It was a great chance for the young artist and she accepted.

She soon became the girl who sat in his apartment at the entrance and managed visitors. Maria Farmer got aware of many things: the men who came and went, as well as the many underage girls who entered the building and often left distraught and confused. Epstein explained to her that he was finding models for Victoria Secret. She had no reason to doubt his words, but she took notice, not only of the visitors but also of the interior: Cameras everywhere and nude pictures lining the walls.

One day, Maria mentioned her younger sister, Annie, who was 16 back then and getting ready for college. Epstein offered to help. Annie Farmer came to New York and met with Epstein. He invited her on a trip to Thailand, saying it was her and other students. That is the only reason why her mother agreed to the trip – but it was only the young girl, Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

On the trip, Epstein asked the teenager for a feet massage, he touched her and watched her when Maxwell was trying to give the girl a massage.

Maria, the older sister, was unaware of what had happened, but she soon made similar experiences. Epstein owned a large estate in a remote area and invited Maria to come to stay with him and Maxwell. One night, he invited her to sit on his bed. He and Ghislaine touched her and even tried to rape her. She fled to her room and called people to get help.

After she heard what had happened to her younger sister, she decided to inform the police and promptly got threatened by Maxwell. During a call, she told her that she would burn Maria Farmer´s paintings.

Farmer did call the police and they referred her to the F.B.I. She called them too. Somehow, neither police nor F.B.I took her reports seriously. She received the same silence and disinterest from the art community.

It took years until the F.B.I knocked at Maria Farmer´s door. In 2006 a girl had accused Jeffrey Epstein and kicked off an investigation that unearthed more and more girls with links to Epstein. Two years later, Epstein and the prosecution agreed on a deal. Epstein pled guilty and got away with a rather short prison sentence.

Maria Farmer is again doing art. Her latest project is a series of portraits. All of the girls she is painting are survivors of Epstein´s crimes.