Jeffrey Epstein died on August 10th, 2019 in his cell.

He had been put on suicide watch before but after talking to his lawyers he was put in a regular cell again. Soon after he was found dead.

He hanged himself (or was hanged) with a bedsheet.

Two jail guards had to monitor Epstein. They had to look after him every hour. They also had cameras with which they could watch him. Both jail guards did not look after him as told. They were busy buying furniture online and playing games. They got arrested.

A medical examiner concluded that all evidence pointed toward homicide. Usually, when a person hangs himself wit a bedsheet – lacking a great height to apply pressure during hanging – they lean into the bedsheet and suffocate. Therefore, no bones should be broken. But in Epstein’s case, the medical examination found a broken bone in his neck. This happens when a person gets strangled.

There is still no final conclusion on what happened that night.

But the theory that Epstein did not kill himself doesn´t seem to be too far fetched. After all, he was “friends” with powerful people. Trump and Prince Andrew among them. Those people not only have power, but they also have the money to get rid of evidence and people. They have a lot to lose, in fact they have so much to lose that murder seems like an option to them. Those men molested and raped the girls Epstein brought them.

Jeffrey Epstein might be dead, but there are many beasts in that garden and they are still out there, finding other ways to get the young girls they desire.

At least, the Epstein case is still under investigation and hopefully, the prosecutors will eventually find out the truth. Find out who is involved and find justice for all the innocent victims.