Meet Our Partners & Volunteers

We have a team of wonderful women and men from Orange County, Los Angeles, different cities in California and from all over the United States who believe in our cause and strongly support women’s empowerment in different ways. We even have volunteers from other conutries! 

Alysia R Dahir

Chief Financial Officer

Alysia R Dahir has been with Beyond Freedom from inception to start-up now into full program development.

Her Background:
Alysia R. Dahir is the owner and managing partner at Dahir Tax & Accounting Firm. Before opening the practice she held positions with the Federal Government in The Department of Treasury (IRS) and The Department of Defense (Academic and Military Projects Army/Navy) along with global corporations in her early work as an Accountant and Analyst. Her combined 17 years of government service, corporate accounting and individual business consulting define her as a leader. She has extensive experience with income tax preparation for individuals, corporations, partnerships, non-profits, estates and trusts, foreign expats, start-ups and community property.

Her education:
Pursuant CPA ~ Engagement at USC, LA
Executive ~ Sustainable Business/System Sciences and Anthropologist, Pinchot, Seattle
MBA~ Intl Bus & Fin Western Intl, AZ
BS ~ Accounting WPCarey ASU, Tempe
She is a leader, demonstrating a rich knowledge in finance and accounting concepts/principles. Speaking to her character for authenticity she works with diverse groups of clients and companies. Her strategic goals are to align with business needs and targeted business solutions. Importantly she champions and commands strong advocacy of knowledge sharing and teams.


Sharon Hoover

Chief Operations Officer

Sharon L. Hoover, founder and President of Artwerks Interiors Inc., a full-service Interior and Exterior Design firm. Sharon has had her company for over 20 years servicing a high-end clientele base in Southern California. Along with her passion for Design, Sharon has a strong passion for Fashion and Style and views style as a creative expression. Think of it as a palette for expressing style and creativity.
Sharon’s AHA moment came 4 years as menopause set in and issues with body fat and self-image became an issue for her. She started a Lifestyle change and did her first Bikini Contest at age 54, she has since done 4 more shows and continues the lifestyle. Sharon was impressed to partner with Beyond Freedom because she wanted to give victims a sense of confidence and power that comes through being healthy and feeling good in your own clothes and skin. She empowers women on a daily basis through her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and fashion, inspiring women of all walks of life to Elevate to “their” own personal best.

Alyssa Casiano

Corporate Secretary

Alyssa Casiano is currently in her senior year at California State University, Long Beach and is studying Journalism, specializing in Public Relations with a minor in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. Alyssa is an activist who is passionate about fighting for women’s rights, equality and freedom for all humans. She hopes to put her Public Relations knowledge to work by spreading awareness about serious issues, like human and sex trafficking.

Esther Vivian Kay

Esther Vivian Kay is journalist and educator from Germany. Though she was born with a rare form of spina bifida and is bound to a wheelchair, she does not let her life be defined by this. She worked as a journalist, event manager and press agent, before she became a teacher for girls and young women. She found deeper meaning in combining educating and journalism. She is glad to give her skill and passion to Beyond Freedom.

Heidi Clingen

I am a writer, editor, and book coach with my company Allwritey Word Polishing We created a system for speakers like Jennelle to write their books easily.  I am also an abolitionist with I am thrilled to coach Jennelle on how to write her book! It is going to be a total game-changer in the fight against trafficking!

Lucy Stevens

Social Media Manager

Lucy Stevens is the owner and operator of LVS Digital, a Social Media & Creative Marketing Agency that helps business owners cultivate meaningful relationships with prospective clients; driving brand awareness and acquisition. Lucy is extremely passionate about helping females become independent and create the life of their dreams. When she learned about Beyond Freedom she knew she had to use her expertise for greater good, helping to rescue more women by raising brand awareness for Beyond Freedom and teaching women the skills they need so they can live the life of their dreams, on their own terms.

Kelly Megan Anderson

Creative Director

Kelly Megan Anderson is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping others. She studied psychology at UC Berkeley in order to better understand herself and the people around her. After graduation, she started her own business and got her international yoga teacher certification at the Yogendra Eco-Ashram in her home country of Colombia. Determined to create a positive impact on the world, she kept searching for her true calling when she met Jennelle Gordon. Immediately, they felt a connection and was inspired. Having learned the truth about human trafficking, she realized a few of her former partners might have been trafficking her without her knowledge. This moment of clarity inspired her to write a film to benefit Beyond Freedom and she has been helping with different facets of the organization ever since. From that moment on, she has been dedicated to educating, empowering, and enlightening all vulnerable people who’ve been exploited in hopes that her efforts might inspire others to join in the fight against human trafficking.