Today, we remember Letty Serrano, a 15-year old student who was trafficked by the age of 13.

Two years earlier with only 13 she got drugged and sold to a sex trafficking ring. The was abused by different men but a few days after her abduction she was found in a park near the place she got abducted. The girl returned home and what could be the hopeful end to a horrible crime was not.

At the outside, she appeared to be a normal teenage girl. She attended high school, had friends, seemed happy. But on the inside, the traumatic experiences had changed her forever.

This week Letty Serrano committed suicide.

Too often the survivors do not get the help they would need. They do not find people who care and provide them with professional assistance and stability. For many of them, suicide is the last straw to escape their painful memories.

Sex trafficking is not a local problem. It is a nationwide emergency. Eventually, trafficking needs to be stopped, but it is a long way until this will be achieved. In the meantime, one cannot highlight the importance of organizations that assist survivors enough.

Sadly, not all victims of trafficking find the help organizations like Beyond Freedom provide and the girl did not. Her story is a reminder of why the work of Beyond Freedom is important.