A cab driver in the UK saved a woman from being sex trafficked.

Tahir Mehmood, a cab driver since 2004, got called by a man, 26-years old, and picked up a woman he was supposed to drive to a specific location in town.

Mr. Mehmood got alerted when he realized, she spoke hardly any English, had no luggage and was in distress. He then stopped and talked to her, asking her if she was okay. In tears, she told him that she got lured to the UK under the false promise of getting a job and was now forced into prostitution. The cab driver alerted the police. The woman was brought to a save location, and after being questioned, the police raided a brother, rescued several other women and arrested the caller who hired Mr. Mehmood. The young man got charged for nine years in prison.

The cab driver could have done his job and looked away, but he made a choice. He cared for the story and the pain of the woman crying in his backseat and with a simple question, “Are you okay?” and the call to the police he saved her and many others from an unjust and cruel fate.

Our choices matter. It matters that we pay attention to our fellow human beings and that we care for the people we meet even if we feel we are too busy to do so.

One honest question can make all the difference. A simple call can save a life.

We hope you´ll think about the story that happened this year in the UK the next time you see someone in pain and distress.