When girls are open about sexual assault experiences and the times, she was uncomfortable, it is eye opening. Many men have never felt this way and cannot fully grasp how it would feel.

They do not know the fear of walking to your car after dark alone. They do not know the fear of going on a bad date that ends with every girl’s biggest nightmare. They do not know the fear of being left alone with a man, especially one that you barely know.

Many of them have never had to grip their keys so hard that their fingers are numb or have a plan at every moment if the strangers walking past you make a move. They do not think about having to bring pepper spray to the grocery store. They do not get into their cars and immediately lock their doors without even starting the car.

Yes, “Not All Men”. We know that NOT ALL MEN. There are countless good men and people out in the world to support females and lift them up. Not all men attack women. Not all men take advantage of women. Not all men disrespect women. But enough men.

ENOUGH men attack women. ENOUGH men take advantage of women. ENOUGH men disrespect women.

No, it is not fair that all men are blamed for the evil actions of other men. But it is also not fair that all women live their lives in fear because of the action of those men.

If you are a good man, be a good man. Be proud of the good one that you are. But do not belittle the fear of females because that fear that they feel is justified. Ask you mom. Ask your sisters. Ask your girlfriend. All of them have a story of creepy men in their lives.

So, yes. NOT ALL MEN are bad. But ENOUGH are.