Jeffrey Epstein is rich and, excuse the pun, as many rich people he got bored and had too much time at hand. Some years back he was prosecuted for having had sex with young girls, many of them not older than 14. He got away, because he has money and because he is well-known, has influence and knows the right people. That could have been the end of it. An end without justice for many young girls. But Julie K. Brown did not forget. She took on the job of the justice system, talked to victims, gained their trust and urged them to go to the police to have Epstein prosecuted another time. It is thanks to this inspiring and strong woman that he is now facing another trial. He is charged for having sex with underage girls. sex trafficking and possession of porn, including child porn.

The trial could turn up more dirt. It´s already known that Epstein sent underage girls to meet with friends of him. Most of them will be men who have jobs in public.


New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services | Handout | Reuters