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This story takes place in Milwaukee, in June, and begins like many other tragedies that black families have to endure.

In late June, a child went missing. The child was not the first in the community and people were suspecting a connection to other cases.

The parents alerted authorities and got sent away because the police concluded the child was “not endangered”. No amber alert was issued. Then another child was missing.

One of the mothers was able to locate the cell phone of her daughter and it lead her to a townhouse. The mother, and other members of the community, went to the house and called the police. The police ignored them for almost 12 hours. When someone from behind the house shot at the group, this incident drew finally the attention of the police.

As a search party searched the location, the two girls were located. Police said that they had not seen any children when searching the location themselves.

During the search papers were recovered, including the name of the property owner. The man has been working as a spiritual leader for children at local youth camps. Another identity was recovered, this time of a registered sex offender. The papers brought to light that 20 missing children had been in the home before getting trafficked elsewhere.

It´s another case of police not doing their duty, not protecting black communities and shield black children against harm.