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Marisol Nichols is known for her role as Hermione Lodge on Riverdale, the Netflix Teen Show but she has revealed in a Marie Claire story in May that she has been working for the FBI for hers.

Her role is that of an undercover agent who is taking down sex traffickers. She is basically the bait for predators and, just as in her on-screen career, she is taking on different roles to achieve her goal. At times, she is portraying the parent who is selling their children to abusers or she is portraying an innocent child.

Nichols got interested in the topic of sex trafficking after playing different detectives on TV shows such as Cold Case. In 2014 she started the nonprofit “Foundation for a Slavery Free World” and connected with a former agent who was working as a private investigator to fight internet crimes. He asked her to play a role, handed over a backstory and a scene and got her the first job as an undercover agent.

She has been fighting for justice of trafficked children ever since.

Now, her story will be turned into a TV movie.