In some counties in Nevada prostitution is legal. Not in the big cities though. In more rural places prostitution was made legal to make money because there is not much another business opportunity. One famous place is the Bunny Ranch in Nevada, run until last year by Dennis Hof, who died age 72 in 2018. The Bunny Ranch was featured in an HBO series. It´s legal business through and through. The women who work there have to get a business license, are examined each week by a doctor and can make their own prices. They can keep 50% for themselves, the rest they pay with for the room, doctor and so on. Some women work there for decades, earning money for the future after prostitution.

It is a dorm-like atmosphere. No pimp is controlling them. They are not forced to do anything they don´t like. They have the support and a security system.

So far, this sounds like something other states should do too.

But is legalizing prostitution the answer to human trafficking?

Yes, the girls are treated better, they are dealing with less traumatic experiences. They are free to choose another life.

But studies suggest that legalizing prostitution does, in fact, increase the problem of human trafficking.

In Europe, countries like Denmark and Germany decriminalized and legalized prostitution. And though the conditions for sex workers seem better, an unwanted effect is that trafficking inflows decreased. Whereas in Sweden, where prostitution was criminalized the number of human trafficking victims declined.

It seems that legalizing prostitution is not the solution to stop human trafficking.