Dear Survivors,

It´s International Women´s Day and you deserve to be celebrated!

You have overcome things I can´t even imagine. You have lost months and years of life to men who treated you like a product. You lost your innocence, too.

But you are brave, strong and resilient. You made it through and you made it out.

You left behind a life that was never meant to be yours. And though, marks, visible as well as invisible, will stay, you are in a different place now. You are more yourself.

Nobody owns your body, time and life but you.

You know that when someone feels toxic, they probably are.

You learned when to walk away and seek help.

You know you have the right to feel loved, save and taken care of.

You know you don´t need anyone to tell you that you are lovable, or worthy, because you already are.

You reach out and help others.

You are a gift to your community, the people around you, and an inspiration to many.

Take risks if you want. Get a tattoo if you like. Give your body to the man you desire.

Your body is yours and yours alone.

I am glad you made it.

I am thankful you exist.

I am grateful you support Beyond Freedom.

I am proud of everything you do.

You came this far. Now go further.