Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we serve?

  • Any victim/survivor of human trafficking.


    How do we serve victims?

  • Education
  • Enlightenment
  • Empowerment

  How can I help?

  • Schedule a call with us we love to get to know you personally so we can see how you can best partner with us! (949)799-1007
  • Donate on our Donation page
  • Share our social media accounts
  • Start a Beyond Freedom club on your college campus

   What do we do exactly?

  • We help victims/survivors of trafficking rebuild their lives focusing on the 5 F’s: Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, and Femininity.
  • This includes:
    -Holistic Wellness for Survivors:
    – Free one on one holistic coaching for survivors
    – Holistic healing modalities
    – Free access for survivors to healthy living curriculums
    – Private survivor support group advocacy that includes:
    – Short time & long term housing resources
    – Child care resources
    – Provide assistance with education and living expenses
    – Connecting to other NGOs and government services when needed
    – Mentoring & internships
  • We serve the community by bringing awareness to human trafficking and to help survivors heal holistically to experience more bliss and connection every day, to be understood, loved, valued and respected as the incredible human being each and every person is.