Maxwell was arrested July 2nd for the role she played in the Epstein sex trafficking scandal.

The former glamour and high society woman was arrested in her home in New Hampshire. She bought the isolated home that was advertised as “perfect retreat for nature lovers who want total privacy” in December 2019, only months after Jeffrey Epstein had died in his prison cell. She paid in cash and anoymously to assure that the law enforcement wouldn´t find her easily.

Her whereabouts since December 2019 are still a mystery. With three passports – US, UK and France – and uncountable international connections, she could have been anywhere.

The months leading to Epsteins arrest she had spent in Europe, taking part in the famous “Cash & Rocket Ralley”, an women-only ralley across Europe that is raising money but also inviting the who-is-who of the rich and famous to give them an opportunity to connect at chic parties and get photographed by the press.

Currently, Ghislaine Maxwell is in prison without bail, where she will stay until the start of her trial in 2021. Maybe then, we will learn where she had been since December 2021 and about her involvement in the abuse and trafficking of minors.