While people self-isolate, stock up on food and complaint about having to social distance, there are women and girls who don´t have the same luxury.

They can´t stay at home, watch movies, read the books they were hoping to read one day, scroll through social media to get the latest news and keep away from other people.

They can´t protect themselves.

Because they are forced to sell their bodies to men who might already be the carriers of the coronavirus. They get so close, so intimate that they are likely to catch the virus and they won´t have the same medical help as most of the population get if they can afford to see a doctor at all.

Most of them live with other girls who share the same fate – being sex trafficked by men who don´t care for their well-being – and living together, so close, without sanitizer, without plant-based food that can strengthen their immune system, they are likely to give the virus to everyone around them.

Most of them will not be healthy, drug abuse, physical abuse that harms their bodies, psychological abuse that harms their resilience and emotional stress that makes it hard for a body to cope with a virus.

They are most at risk and mostly overlooked.

In a time like this, though we have to socially distance from people to not spread the virus, we also need to come closer. So, although there might be nothing you can do to help these women and girls right now, please do one thing: Spread awareness. Don´t forget about them. And if you can afford it, donate to an organization that works with (sex) trafficked women, such as BeyondFreedom.