Nonprofit Organization in Orange County, California

Beyond Freedom is a survivor run nonprofit organization, founded by Jennelle Gordon, that focuses on bring awareness, aid, and an end to human sex trafficking. The organization first formed in the Spring of 2017 at Orange Coast Community College as a club. In 2018, the club became the nonprofit organization that it is today. The organization differs from other human sex trafficking organizations in that it was created by a survivor for victims who then become survivors themselves. Beyond Freedom focuses on 5 E’s, which are listed below.

Vision Statement:

“To be the first survivor run nonprofit to combat and end human sex-trafficking while showing that being a victim/survivor doesn’t mean you will lead a life of poverty and PTSD. “

Mission Statement:

“We aim to bring awareness to human sex trafficking, to educate and get people involved in the solution to human sex trafficking, and to help victims become survivors and eventually thrivers.”

Beyond Freedom’s 5 E’s =


Beyond Freedom educates college campuses, communities, and individuals to notice the signs of human sex trafficking


Beyond Freedom elevates human sex trafficking survivors in all areas of life by providing education, funding, coaching, and mentoring to not only help them heal, but to also help them pursue their dreams.


Beyond Freedom empowers human sex trafficking survivors to heal through holistic healing therapy modalities, such as: Yoga, Dance, Music, Meditation, Nutrition, Anti-aging heath & Wellness. Beyond Freedom empowers sex trafficking survivors to not only regain confidence, but to also retake control of their lives and take steps towards success and happiness.


Beyond Freedom equips college campuses, communities, and individuals to take action by providing actions that can be used in sex trafficking situations.


Beyond Freedom enables human sex trafficking survivors to pursue their dreams and to rebuild their lives by actively pursuing funding that will go towards living expenses, education, and business start ups.


Jennelle Gordon


Jennelle Gordon was a victim of human sex trafficking. She encountered her first human sex trafficker at the age of 19. Little did she know, she would be a victim for ten years and go through four human sex traffickers. Through those ten years, she suffered a wide range of health issues, including anxiety disorder, IBS, and traumatic brain injuries from concussions.


However, she never lost hope. After ten years, Jennelle was able to get out and begin to heal. Jennelle has learned to overcome her traumas, so much so that now, she can look at herself in the mirror and feel pleasure again. What really strengthened her to overcome her past was her ability to own her mind and thoughts. In regaining control of her mind and thoughts, she learned that the only person who could rescue her was herself.


She shares her experiences and steps to freedom with other women who were victims as well. She is also sharing her knowledge with communities so they can be a part of the solution. Today, she is no longer a victim of human sex trafficking. Jennelle is a survivor and a thriver, and beyond passionate to end human sex trafficking so that no woman has to experience what she went through.


Jennelle Gordon