The so-called “Operation Trade Secrets” began a few months back with undercover deputies focusing on different locations, hotels, adult book stores, spas, and arresting people who frequent those places to buy and sell sex. Half of the arrested were women working as prostitutes, mostly to interview them and find out who they work for and if they are forced to trade in sex.

One of the big fish who got arrested is a human trafficker. The police could arrest him because a woman he was staying with in a hotel in Tampa told the police he was forcing her into prostitution.

Many of the arrested will face charges in additition to those related to human trafficking, among them child neglect and owning child ponograpy.

The operation will continue, officials said yesterday. Human trafficking is a big concern in Florida and an even bigger one in Tampa which will host the Super Bowl in 2021.

This year, when Atlanta held the Super Bowl, almost 200 arrests related to human trafficking happened.